First Look: “Cinderella” at New Phoenix Theatre


The cast of “Cinderella” at New Phoenix Theatre.

It’s not often that we are treated to new original works in the Buffalo theatre community. Sure, every once in a while a new original show pops up, but we are fans of our classics and contemporary shows by seasoned playwrights. When a new original show emerges, it is always exciting to see the work grow and see the actors and creative team build a new theatrical experience. This is currently happening at New Phoenix Theatre, where they are working on a fresh and contemporary adaptation of “Cinderella.”

“This has been a fun process,” says Kelli Bocock-Natale, artistic director of New Phoenix Theatre, who also adapted, conceived, and directs the show. “The cast has brought forth great effort and they have helped shape the show. I’m really excited about it.”

For those who may have been living under a rock for the last, million years, “Cinderella” is the original rags to riches story of a girl who asks her Fairy Godmother to go to the Prince’s Ball. When Cinderella arrives at the Ball, she meets the handsome prince who falls in love with her. After having to leave the Ball before midnight, the Prince misses his chance to find Cinderella, and must look throughout the town to find the new love of his life.

Bocock-Natale wrote an adaptation of “Cinderella” in grad school as a project, aiming the show toward children. “I brought the script in, and through the rehearsal process it has grown. I took things I liked from other adaptations, and incorporated them into this one. I have a talented cast of nine actors who all tell this huge story. This is an ensemble piece, and all the actors contributed to create the new content in the show,” says Bocock-Natale.

Bocock-Natale says that she wanted to take the tale and throw in a few modern twists. “We don’t have your average Prince Charming. Our cast is very diverse. We simplified the story, but the entire tale is there.”

When it comes to creating a new adaptation of a story that so many are familiar with, it is important to make it unique. “Our show is very physical, when it comes to the comedy,” says Bocock-Natale, “Many of the actors play many parts in the show to tell the story. This is definitely not a Disney version.”

Not being a Disney version is not to be a red flag, Bocock-Natale says that this show is going to appeal to both children and adults. “We have something for everyone. I think everyone is going to enjoy the way we tell the story. In these times, it is good to see a show that you can enjoy with your family.”

“Cinderella” opens on November 17 and runs until December 16, 2017. It is presented at New Phoenix Theatre in Buffalo. For more information, click here.

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