Buffalo Theatre Guide Awards

The Buffalo Theatre Guide Awards will take place in Mid June at the conclusion of every theatre season. There is no distinction between community theatre or Professional theatre. To be eligible for nomination the following must apply:

-The Show must run between July 1 – and May 31. The show must open on or after July 1 and must close on or before May 31.

-The Show must be reviewed by a Buffalo Theatre Guide Reviewer.

-The Show must run at a minimum of 2 weekends.

-The Show must be a mounted production. Staged Readings are not eligible.

-The Show must have been promoted using at least two forms of advertising (print, social media, digital, publication, online publication, etc.)

-The Show must have held an open audition, where members of the community were eligible to audition, for at least one advertised part.

-Musicals must have at least one live musician accompanying the show. Musicals which use a pre-recorded accompanying track are not eligible for Best Musical category.

The Buffalo Theatre Guide Awards will look to the following categories:

Best Play

Best Musical

Best Ensemble of a Musical

Best Ensemble of a Play

Best Set Design

Best Direction of a Play

Best Direction of a Musical

Best Choreography of a Musical

Best Actor in a Play

Best Actress in a Play

Best Actor in a Musical

Best Actress in a Musical

Best Costume Design

Nominations will come from the Buffalo Theatre Guide Reviewers. Each reviewer will be able to nominate one contender for each category.

Nominees will be announced on or around June 10 each year. Winners will be announced on or about June 30 of each year.

Buffalo Theatre Guide Top 10 Shows of the Year Awards

These awards will be given to the theatre companies that receive the greatest number of page views for their posted reviews. Using the data provided by the WORDPRESS site, these awards will be ranked in the Top 10 Reviews of the calendar year. As long as a Buffalo Theatre Guide review was posted in the calendar year, all shows are eligible.

Shows that share their reviews and receive the most page views, will be more likely to win.

Buffalo Theatre Guide Person of the Year Award

The general public will be able to nominate their choices for person of the year by filling out a form. The form will ask the nominator to write a small paragraph as to why their nominee should be honored with this title. These nominations will be reviewed by the Buffalo Theatre Guide writers   Nominees will then be voted on by the general public. The nominee who gets the highest number of votes will win.


Nominee’s Name.

Nominee’s Email.

Why Does This Person Deserve to be Named Person of the Year?

Nominator’s Name.

Nominator’s Email.

Nomination Period: April 1 – April 21. Voting Period: April 30 – May 10. Winner will be Announced May 20.