Theatre Review: ‘The Fox on the Fairway’ by George Liaros Productions at Road Less Traveled Theater

Like most of America, I was introduced to the sport of golf by the movie “Happy Gilmore.” What I thought were over the top characters in the film, turn out to be how most people who play the sport act. I guess that character traits have to come from somewhere, right? These golfer and country club stereotypes are very entertaining, especially when they appear in Ken Ludwig’s “The Fox on the Fairway,” George Liaros Productions’ current endeavor, being presented at Road Less Traveled Theatre in Buffalo. The laughs are plentiful in this country club farce.

The laughs are plentiful in this country club farce.

Playwright Ken Ludwig, who has penned the Buffalo favorites, “Moon Over Buffalo,” and “Lend Me A Tenor” amongst others, delivers a story of a country club golf tournament which involves a ridiculous bet, a newly engaged coupled, a twisted love triangle, or would it be a square. . .there are four people involved. . .and a bunch of balls that are flying everywhere.

Chris Best plays the role of Henry Bingham, the club manager who makes a bet with a rival club owner that exceeds one-hundred thousand dollars, and his wife’s Antique Shop. His plan goes awry when it is discovered that his star player is playing for the opponent. In a pinch, Henry enlists his new assistant to be the club’s star player. Best brings a fun quality to the character that the audience enjoys. While he does not take too many creative chances, he plays the straight man well to the zany antics that are occurring around him. He is a admirable ring leader in this production.

Jamie Moore is hilarious as Louise, a club employee and newly engaged to Justin, Henry’s new assistant. Moore emits a Kristen Schaal approach to Louise in this production that is fantastic and enjoyable. She takes a number of artistic risks that are successful and you start smiling each time she enters the stage.

Russ Burton is a crowd favorite as Dickie Bell, a pro golfer who possesses a large personality, and an even larger ego. Burton employs a different Bill Cosby-esk ugly sweater every time he enters the stage. He goes for the jugular in his comedic delivery and he has no problem fully committing to the role he is portraying. Burton does not disappoint.

Rounding out the cast are nice contributions by Stacy Kowal, Donna Manquen, Jim Coughlin, and, Kyle Marchal. The cast works well together, and it is clear that they are having a great time on stage.

Director George Liaros has chosen a fun script for the summer season slot, and the cast does a nice job bringing this goofy farce to life on stage. Treat yourself to this funny show!

Running Time: Approximately 2 Hours with one 15-minute intermission.

“The Fox on the Fairway” runs until June 25, 2017, is produced by George Liaros Productions and is presented at Road Less Traveled Theater in Buffalo. For more information, click here.