Theatre Review: ‘Love Never Dies’ at Shea’s Buffalo Theatre


The National Touring Cast of “Love Never Dies.”

This has been the season of Andrew Lloyd Webber in Buffalo. Three of his shows have visited Shea’s this season alone (“School of Rock”, “The Phantom of the Opera”, and now “Love Never Dies”). Two other of his shows were performed by local theatre companies this season too (Jesus Christ Superstar and Joesph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat). It might be said that Buffalo has a little obsession this year. I just recently began to appreciate the work of ALW, and I am happy to have had a season that was so full of his wonderful work. “Love Never Dies” just adds to that new obsession.

If you love “The Phantom of the Opera” your love will never die for this sequel! (See what I did there?) Go see this show!

“Love Never Dies” continues the story of “The Phantom of the Opera”, and takes place ten years later, moving the story from Paris to New York City, where Christine (Meghan Picerno) is now a very well known soprano. Christine and Raoul (Sean Thompson) have been married, but the relationship is not going the way that they had expected. Tensions rise when The Phantom (Bronson Norris Murphy) finds his lost true love, and draws her to his new residence at Coney Island, where he has been living since leaving Paris. The Phantom tries once again to win Christine’s love, but at what expense is he willing to pay?

Written by Andrew Lloyd Webber, with book contributions by Glenn Slater, Glen Elton, and

Frederick Forsyth, the show has gone through a bit of a rough patch, having not gotten the greatest reviews by critics on the West End. The show went through a revamp in Melbourne, having gained a cult following when a staged DVD recording began being sold. This retooling of the show has proved to be beneficial, since the show is selling very well wherever it travels.

Starring in the role of Christine, Meghan Picerno has pipes of steel, as she delivers her wonderful voice through the theater. Picerno shows that her character has grown during the last ten years, and is no longer the naive Christine that we all once knew. Picerno is a perfect choice for this role and does not disappoint.

Sean Thompson brings a tough exterior to Raoul, who since we last saw him is now a compulsive gambler, and a bit of an alcoholic. Thompson has a great presence on stage during his scenes, and his voice too, rings wonderfully through the theatre.

Bronson Norris Murphy takes on the role of The Phantom, and makes it his own. He is a powerhouse, and right from the beginning of the show, he proves his worth in a character that has been played by dozens of people before him.

Gabriela Tylesova’s costume and set design are spectacular and truly takes on a role of it’s own. I was blown away by the aesthetically pleasing designs that brought the story to life. Everywhere you look, you will be astonished by the grandeur.

Overall, this show was an awesome production. The quality of entertainment that was presented in ‘Love Never Dies” truly rivals the original “Phantom” with one small problem. The script. While the show is very enjoyable, there are story issues that come out of nowhere, the b-plot given to Meg Giry in this story, for example. Out of left field we are told that she is unhappy that the Phantom is ignoring her talents at Coney Island, and then, she acts on this frustration. There is very little build in her story, and it is a little off putting, but that is easily forgiven due to the caliber of the show.

If you love “The Phantom of the Opera” your love will never die for this sequel! (See what I did there?) Go see this show!

Running Time: 2 Hours 25 Minutes with one 15-minute intermission.

“Love Never Dies” runs until June 10, 2018 and is presented at Shea’s Buffalo Theatre. For more information, click here.