First Look: ‘The Fabulous Feast’ by Shakespeare in Delaware Park

For the last forty-three years, Buffalo has been given Shakespeare in Delaware Park, where annually, the company will produce two of Shakespeare’s works, on the hill, behind the Rose Garden in Delaware Park. When it comes to theatre, or especially free theatre, funding has to come from somewhere. Since the arts are not typically subsidized by the government, theatre companies tend to have to find capital from elsewhere. Fundraisers usually do the trick.

“Buffalo loves a good fundraiser,” says Lisa Ludwig, Managing Director of Shakespeare in Delaware Park, “our fundraiser is really unique, it’s not just a chicken dinner,” she laughs.

For the last 24 years, Shakespeare in Delaware Park has held this fundraiser, to help sustain the free theatre in the park performances, and assist in capital improvements. “We used to hold the event at The Armory, but they no longer hold events like this there, so we had to move to a new venue,” says Ludwig, “we were a little nervous about changing venues, but we are still excited that our event is so unique, and draws a great crowd.”

This year’s theme is Lear’s Legacy, and festivities will also include a visit from King Lear himself. “Tom Loughlin will be sitting at the head table, and there will be small performances throughout the night as well,” says Ludwig.

The evening will take place at The Atrium at Rich’s and will be filled to the brim with excitement. “Before dinner, we have a cocktail hour with an open bar that is included in your admission ticket,” says Ludwig, “and during that time we will have different games of chance that attendees can play to win Shakespeare prizes.”

This year, attendees will be treated to a five course meal, and loads of live entertainment including stilt walkers, dancers, flame throwers, musicians, and of course a sword fight.

“Not only do our guests get all of this, but we try to get our guests involved by participating in various activities as well,” says Ludwig. “We are planning a scavenger hunt, where our guests can interact with the characters and create a memorable evening. Guests don’t have to participate but we really encourage them to.”

Three different auctions are scheduled to take place during the evening including a silent auction, a live auction, and a ticket raffle. All proceeds go to Shakespeare in Delaware Park.

“We get asked all the time, why don’t you charge on the hill for the shows, and we say, it isn’t our mission to charge for the shows, our mission is to provide free Shakespeare to the Buffalo community,” says Ludwig, “we have been blessed with the passing of the hat and the support of the community.”

The Fabulous Feast will take place on April 14, 2018 at the Atrium at Rich’s. For more information, click here.

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