First Look: ‘The Boy At The Edge Of Everything’ at Theatre of Youth

There are those who say that being a child in 2018 is much more difficult than it might have been fifty years ago. There are more stressors, there is more impactful technology, there is anxiety. Children live jam packed lives full of school, homework, extra curricular activities, and family gatherings. Children don’t have time to be children, because they are too busy being children! These are a few ideas that are highlighted in Finegan Kruckemeyer’s play, “The Boy At The Edge Of Everything,” opening January 20 at Theatre of Youth.

“I had read a few plays by Kruckemeyer, and this one really spoke to me,” says Meg Quinn, Artistic Director of Theatre Of Youth, “We wanted a show that spoke to older children, ages eleven to thirteen. I read it and passed it along around the company, and we all got excited.”

It is one thing for a company to get excited about a new show, but how do you sell a show to your audience, when it has no source material that it is based upon? “This is an original play, and we decided to ask students in our acting classes, and in our talk-backs after the shows, if this story would be something that they would like to see,” says Quinn, “we were amazed to hear these children say, ‘this is just like my life.’”

“The Boy At The Edge Of Everything” tells the story of Simon, a boy who is stressed out, and wishes that there was a place that he go could to get away from everything, and to enjoy some peace and time to himself. After a few fascinating coincidences, Simon is sent on a journey of a lifetime, but after getting what he wanted, Simon learns that he actually misses what he had.

This is a Western New York Premiere. “Kruckemeyer’s work is starting to be done in the United States more regularly,” says Quinn, “ this show is funny, off-beat, abstract, and is a great coming of age story that children and parents will be able to connect with.”

Theatre is suppose to start a conversation, and if theatre is done well, the conversation can be thought provoking, and allow the audience to look at themselves and see if there are changes that need to be made, so that they can live happier lives. 

“We knew this was going to be a challenge doing this show, because most people only want to go see shows they are familiar with,” says Quinn, “ we hope that family members who bring their children to this show, use this as an opportunity to start a conversation about the busy lives that children have now.”

Theatre Of Youth continues to create wonderful theatrical experiences for children to instill a love of theatre and the performing arts at an early age. “Theatre can change lives,” says Quinn, “and we hope that this show can do just that.”

“The Boy At The Edge Of Everything” opens January 20, 2018 and runs until February 4, 2018, at Theatre of Youth. For more information, click here.

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