Get Spooked at The Kav

When you buy a theatre ticket, the price you’re paying only covers a portion of the expense of mounting the production. This means theatre companies have to be resourceful and creative when it comes to fundraising. Sure, corporate sponsorships are important, and the annual fund campaigns can’t be ignored, and grants can and do help. It’s the extra things, the special events, that give the theatre an extra pop of revenue while engaging audiences in new ways.

The Kavinoky Theatre found a new way to celebrate its glorious Edwardian space, and connect theatre, literature, and local lore. “A Literary Haunted House, “ Saturday, October 21, beginning at 7pm, features live readings by already-been-on-this-planet authors in this 143-year old building on the D’Youville College campus. Experts think it’s one of the most ‘active’ haunted buildings in the city. The theatre is located in the Koessler Administration Building, originally constructed in 1874, as the original location of Holy Angels Academy and a residence for Grey nuns and students.  A fire in 1879 gutted part of the building: one nun didn’t believe the fire would take the down building and had to be forcibly removed. Experts think she may be the apparition that leads to mysterious lights, sights, and sounds.

But come Saturday, the likes of Bram Stoker, Edger Allen Poe, Edith Wharton, Mary Shelley and others (we know them as Chris Evans, John Fredo, Pamela Rose Mangus, and Kristen Tripp Kelley respectively) will read from their  literary genius in different spaces throughout this grand old building. Listen for the dragging of chains across the hardwood floors, too, and other ghostly surprises.

Tickets are only $25 per person will support the Kav’s outstanding line up of productions that give you chills throughout the theatre season! Call 829 7668 (if you dare…)